We recommend daytime semi-formal or dressy casual but really there is no strict dress code. This is a lodge wedding with a rustic and bohemian feel so think a nice summer dress or a sport coat but not a gown or a tux.- "lodge cocktail"

Really, we just want you to come comfortably and as yourself!

 We are planning an outdoor ceremony (fingers crossed for good weather) on a grass hill so we suggest not wearing heels that might get stuck. Plus, we hope everyone will be kicking off their shoes with us later when we hit the dance floor!


Great question, obviously Seattle has a bad rap when it comes to weather but August is historically the nicest month of the year, in the PNW with mostly sunny days and temps around 75 degrees. 

That being said, we suggest keeping an eye on the weather as the day nears and just being mindful and prepared for anything.

Also, in the hopefully very unlikely event that is does rain, we ask for your patience and potentially your help as we scramble to execute a rain plan. We are really banking on sun.


Yes, as invited. Please make sure they are included in the RSVP. 

You know we LOVE your kids and they are welcome, but we are also mindful that you might want a nice parents night out on the town, so please don't feel pressure to bring them, truly. Feel free to make whatever arrangements you need to- whatever is best and easiest for you all to enjoy your night!

We are looking into hiring a babysitter to hang with all of the kiddos upstairs (there is a big room and seating area that overlooks the whole lodge). We will be ordering pizza, and having snacks, games, movies and activities up there during the reception.

Can I bring a Plus One?

We have a strict guest list in order to stay within the capacity of the lodge (which we are maxing out) and in order to comply with COVID-19 restrictions. Our wedding is strictly RSVP only. We will only able to accommodate those listed on your invitation.

Will there be parking?

Yes! Plenty of free parking is available.

Can I Uber & Lyft to and from the venue?

You sure can! Service isn't exceptional though so just be warned you might have to go outside to get better service when you request your ride.

Do I need to bring cash for the bar?

Absolutely not, don't be silly. You will be very well fed and you will not go thirsty, trust us.

We have tried to make arrangements for all dietary needs as well as children's meals.

Covid curiosities...

How many guests will be attending?
No more than 100 in accordance with WA State and venue guidelines.

Will the wedding be hosted indoors or outdoors?
Our ceremony will be held outside and while our reception is taking place indoors, we will be strictly adhering to our venue’s COVID-safe policy.

Do we need to wear a mask?
We are still pinning this question down with our respective venues but we anticipate masks will not be required for our wedding, given that we will hopefully qualify as a "fully vaccinated" event. Regardless of whether it is a requirement, we completely understand and respect any guests who may wish to wear a mask on the day and we will have masks available for your convenience as we will require that you wear a mask when meeting baby Emmy.

How will changes be communicated before the day?
Rest assured we will keep you in the loop regarding any important changes on both our website and via e-mail so we kindly ask that you provide your e-mail address when you RSVP.

Refer to 'Health & Safety' section of website for more information.
Phrosne Ras